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Data, Analytics and Decisions (BA-101)


Use of Analytics in business is becoming a critical requirement in highly competitive environment. It facilitates measure and improves performance through optimized decision making.


Want to be a High Performing Manager?

This course can change your managerial work life by developing best-fit solutions using Analytics.

The participants will learn a complete framework of Analytics based decision making starting from understanding of problem, defining goal, designing an approach, data organization, choosing right mix of analytical techniques, analyzing data using Excel or specialized tools, making inferences and finally making decisions.


Primarily, MS Excel and other specialized  tools

Critical Managerial Abilities - Competencies to be Built

This is a highly practice based course with a focus on learning to solve business problems using Analytics. Since the course is highly practise based, a large number of realistic business cases are provided for participant to solve using concepts, methods and technology. This further helps participants build the following Critical Managerial Abilities:


Prof. Mayank Shah

Founder and Dean, Europe Innovation Business School, Brussels

Prof. Shah has more than 35 years of experience in the field of MIS and Business Intelligence including Teaching (at S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research), Consulting and Corporate positions at multi-national organizations.

Teaching and Research

Mayank has a rich background and is highly experienced in various topics of:

Some of his interesting assignments include:

Corporate and Consulting Career

He has managed large number of assignments related to design and implementation of Management Planning and Control Systems, Management Information Systems, Business Intelligence Systems, including application of state-of-the-art technology for Data Warehousing, /Online Line Analytical Processing (OLAP), Data Mining and Decision Support Systems.

He is the Founder Director of Center for Business Intelligence & Analytics (, a 10 year old organization, engaged in providing business intelligence and analytics solutions and services.


Ten weeks requiring about 100 hours of study and practice work.


Learning Approach





Critical Managerial Ability (CMA)


Framework for Analytics based decision making

To make decision using eight-step framework


Nature of Data, its Organization and Analysis

To organize data depending upon  their types and nature of analysis


Simple Data Analysis

To analyze data for developing insights using simple techniques:

  • OLAP
  • Graphical Analysis
  • What-if-Analysis


Statistical Analysis

To  develop insights about data  using and making simple predictions:

  • Sampling
  • Summary and Dispersion Measures
  • Distribution Analysis
  • Estimating Relationships


Measuring Uncertainties

To estimate probability of any outcome given events


Decision Analysis

To make optimum decision using decision analysis technique with given probabilities



To make optimized decisions given objective and constraints


Modeling - Time Series Forecasting

To make forecast by building and using time series models


Modeling – Regression Analysis and Forecasting

To make forecast using Regression Analysis technique by building and using multi-variate models


Sensitivity Analysis and Scenarios

To study extent of impact on outcome caused by changing values in causal factors.


Monte Carlo Simulation

To make forecast using Monte Carlo Simulation technique


Queuing Theory

To build and use model for predicting queue length and waiting time


Inventory Optimization

To make investment decision in inventory given  demand, supply and service levels

Integrated Case

At the end of the course a Case Study is provided. Participants have to:

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Duration, Fees and Project work

Development of Critical Managerial Ability for use of Analytics in Business Decision Making and Performance Improvement


Tools: Excel and R

Graduates and MBAs seeking careers in:

  • MIS
  • Market Research
  • Business Analytics

Working professionals and Family Business Owners looking at improving business performance

Online management Course: 
Duration: 10 weeks / 100 hours effort

USD 310

Project Work (optional): 8 weeks 
USD 190

Combined fee: USD 450

Merit based placement assistance on completion of Project Work

Cohort starts on 1st and 15th of every month